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€6,50 al pezzo REEBOK stock abbigliamento bambini 1000 pezzi - A/I - P/E - RIF. TV6117

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Brands: REEBOK

Reference: TV6117

Total pieces

Total quantity: 1000

Stock in Tentata Vendita 

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What is an attempted sale stock?

We make StockItaly24 available to give visibility to sellers, shopkeepers, producers, wholesalers who have stocks to sell, by publishing them on our portal. They are stocks that we define as Attempted Sale, they are supplied by third parties and we at StockItaly24 buy them for our customers only if they are really interested and complete the purchase.

If you are interested in a stock in Attempted Sale, before proceeding with the purchase of the stock, we must verify that is still available. Contact us indicating the stock reference number you see in the title and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If the stock is available, you can proceed with the purchase via the private link that we will send you in response .
Once you have made the purchase, the goods will be shipped by the seller to our warehouse, where it will be checked in order to guarantee to our customers that it conforms to the photos and to what is indicated in the packinglist with the photos .
If the goods conform to what is indicated by the seller, the sale is confirmed and the stock is sent immediately to the address you indicated at the time of purchase.
If the goods are not compliant, we will inform you that the sale is canceled and you will immediately receive a full refund.

If you want to read more info learn more about the topic click here .

Why can't I buy the stock directly?

Because it is a stock in Attempted Sale , therefore we must verify that is still available before proceeding with the purchase. It will take very little time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more info on stocks in Attempted Sale click here .

How can I contact you to ask if stock is available?

Call us or write us also on WhatsApp at the number +393757747043 (Antonello) indicating the reference number of the stock which is the alphanumeric code that you see both in the title and in the stock details and starting with TV.

To use directly WhatsApp , click on the green circle at the bottom right, accept the privacy policy and click on " Antonello ", WhatsApp Web will open directly if you browse from a PC or 'app if you are browsing with your smartphone.

Does the indicated price include or exclude VAT?

The indicated price is EXCLUDING VAT . VAT is calculated directly at the time of purchase based on the country that is indicated for the shipment of the goods.

If you have a valid VAT number VIES contact us indicating the reference number of the stocks that interest you and we will create your VAT exempt order as per article 41 DL 331/93 .

Do you want to ask us for more info on the stock?

Write to us at info@stockitaly24.com or through the form by clicking here . You can also write to us on WhatsApp , click on the green symbol at the bottom right.

What is the packing list?

The packinglist is a detailed list of the products that make up the stock (photo, size, brand, type of product, price of each single piece).

What are the shipping times and costs?

Shipping times and costs vary according to each single stock and according to the Country of destination of the goods . The cost will be shown to you directly at check-out after you have filled in the shipping address data.

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