We have been selling clothing stocks and more for over 20 years

If you are looking for clothing in stock to resell to your customers you can rely on clothing wholesale StockItaly24, we have been stockists for over 20 years and we have created a convenient and secure e-commerce to give you the opportunity to choose the lots and quickly replenish your assortment. All from the comfort of your home or shop, plus at unbeatable prices.

We are the best online stockists for clothing, footwear and accessories for children, women and men and our goal is to also become the best online site for wholesale e-commerce and we are well aware of being the first to have created a system that is so immediate in use, convenient, easy and fast. Just a few clicks and you are ready to sell new merchandise and can immediately amaze your customers with beautiful garments.

The lots can be viewed and purchased directly online on StockItaly24, by telephone or at the our headquarters in Milan.

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Online wholesale at very low prices

StockItaly24 is a dynamic and always updated company, specialized in Wholesale which resells a large amount of stock all over the world at crazy prices. 

We are stockists with experience in the fashion field and we supply: clothing stock signed, classic, fashion, ceremony, sporty. But also stock of footwear and accessories for men, women and children.

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Dicono di noi i nostri clienti

Professionalità, Serietà, Affidabilità, Cortesia e Gentilezza. É stato un piacere lavorare con loro e sono certa lo sarà per chiunque lo farà.


Azienda leader nel settore serietà e professionalita


Unici nel loro campo. La Serietà e la velocità li contraddistinguono. Bravi e sicuramente lo consiglio a tutti al 100%.


Why choose StockItaly24 clothing wholesale

We are committed to meeting your needs

Stock at low prices and competitive and therefore greater earning and business opportunities.

Wide assortment and only new items, we don't deal in used ones.

Famous brands, designer clothing stocks and Made in Italy are our favourites.

You can also buy small batches, buy according to your need.

Buy comfortably from home or from the shop, store, PC, tablet and smartphone.

We are open all year round, you can pop in whenever you want. 

Intuitive and easy to use e-commerce site with support via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, email or constant telephone.

Transparency: photo of each piece e packinglist detailed, you get what you see.

Prompt delivery on many stocks.

Buy online, by phone or at our office.

Shipping worldwide: you can save time and money on travel and research.

Service of Scheduled Delivery.

We collect your inventory, we help you free up space and create liquidity without worries.

We speak several languages: ItalianEnglish It is russo.

Quality items

We resell numerous clothing stocks of the best known or emerging brands, Italian and international, but also big brands and high fashion brands. All of high quality.

We only deal in new goods.

Bargain price

Our prices are excellent, low and competitive, we also periodically offer large discounts and all this can make it easier for you to resell. From us quality items at the best price!

Vast assortment of clothing in stock and more

We offer various types of goods for men, women and children: summer and winter clothing, outerwear, jackets, vests, down jackets, parkas, trenches and coats, knitwear, sweaters, shirts with shirts and blouses, t-shirts, tops, bodysuits and polo shirts, jeans, dresses and suits, dresses and overalls, trousers, shorts, leggings , jeggings and skirts, shoes, leather goods, bags, accessories, underwear, beachwear, sportswear, glasses, watches and much more. Find everything in one place.

You can choose the right items for your shop, boutique, outlet or temporary outlet, online shop, stock house, e-commerce, wholesale, fair or market in a vast assortment of stocks. Get to know your customers and their tastes stock search can be facilitated thanks to filters, based on your needs, by brand or type. This makes it easier to purchase, plus your customers will be more satisfied and will gladly come back to you. 

There are stock of clothing, footwear and accessories for all tastes: fashion, designer, sporty, streetwear, elegant, classic, formal.

Lots for all your needs

You can also buy small batches, buy according to your need.


There are clear and transparent prices (it is not mandatory to register on the site to see them), quality photos of all the items present in the lots, description and packinglist detailed. Choosing is very easy. The photos correspond to the products on sale, you can always see what you buy and if that's not enough, you can come and visit us. Call us to make your appointment.

Quick and easy purchase on clothing wholesale e-commerce

The site is easy to navigate and very intuitive. In the " stock for sale " section you will find all the available stocks, otherwise from the drop-down menu choose the category or type that interests you most and use the filters to simplify your search. You can see the available lots, select the brands you are interested in, the price, the season, clothing or other product types such as accessories and footwear. You can put the lots you like in the cart or buy them directly.

You can choose between several types of payment: Paypal, credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery (only in Italy and for orders up to 999, € 99).

We'll take care of the delivery or if you have your own trusted courier and you prefer to rely on him, contact us and we will arrange for the collection.

Scheduled delivery service

You can buy the clothing stock or other types that you like best, online, by telephone or at our warehouse and we will put them aside for you. The stocks will come later shipped on the agreed day or collected at our office by you or your trusted courier. This way you ensure goods for the new season and don't take up space that you can use for something else or that perhaps you don't have available, this leads you to have great savings in terms of warehouse with its high costs. Stocks with Planned Delivery must be paid for in full and you can plan your shipment up to 3 months from the time of order. Laws Who the information e contact us to plan your delivery.


By buying online on StockItaly24 you can save a lot of time and money by avoiding travel and search costs for the goods.

Worldwide shipping

We ship all over the world, always with insurance included.

Receive the stock you purchase directly at your store. Fast shipping and always with insurance included.

We package the stocks with care and the couriers we rely on deliver them directly to the shipping address you indicate at the time of purchase.

Shipping also available in cash on delivery (in Italy), your trust is important to us.

Do you want to meet us in person and come directly to our warehouse in collect the goods? Contact us and let's make an appointment.

Frequent questions

Who we are

Ours is an Italian company that boasts long experience in the furniture sector clothing stock. We buy and sell clothing and other types of wholesale goods in stock. We supply shops, boutiques, outlets or temporary outlets, stock houses, e-commerce, markets and fairs, but also wholesalers, distributors, import/export. 

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer support to ensure you are always 100% satisfied.

What are clothing stocks?

The term stock refers to a quantity of goods resulting from overproduction, missed collections, store inventories or bankruptcies. They can consist of goods of all kinds, such as household items, housewares, toys, in this case we mostly deal with clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children and therefore they are often past season

Clothing stocks are purchased from fashion companies, retailers, outlets, boutiques, bankruptcies, distributors and wholesalers who have unsold inventories.

Typically they are large quantities of goods from inventories warehouse, company, liquidation or end of series.

In a world like today's, where trade runs fast, overproduction and waste are around the corner, pollution and the ever-increasing sensitivity to the issues ofecological and recovery, stock is a type of business perfectly in line with this trend. They are items that have already been produced, which take on new life in different shops, which have new customers and who are looking for that very item that other customers in other places have not considered, in a cycle that ends when that item is chosen by the boy or girl , man or woman who will wear it with joy, because he has a dress of quality and to a Great price.

StockItaly24 stocks are:

Articles from famous or emerging Italian and international brands.

Quality clothing at a great price.

Consisting entirely of new items.

An excellent business opportunity.

Where does the goods come from?

The goods you see on the StockItaly24 website which can be purchased directly online have been selected by us and are available for immediate viewing at our office. It comes mainly from store inventories, bankruptcies, production surpluses, uncollected company orders, samples.

The goods you see in the "Stock under attempted sale" is not currently in our warehouse and can be viewed in our catalog with authorization from the seller. For more information on stocks in Attempted Sale Click here. If you are interested in a stock of this type contact us and we will tell you if available.

If you have other questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section