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Purchase a stock in Attempted Sale

What is it?

These are stocks that are not currently in our warehouse , but can be viewed on our catalog and can be purchased upon request thanks to a direct link which is sent to the interested customer after we check the availability in real time and the shipping costs.

This is a service that we offer to third party sellers, giving them the possibility to publish the stocks on our portal in a specific web space (the section " Attempted Sale "). The photos and packinglists are made directly by the sellers . You can find different types of stocks: stocks of men's, women's and children's clothing; stocks of accessories; stocks of footwear; stocks of video games; stocks of toys; stocks of housewares; stocks of costume jewelery; stocks of textiles and much more.

In this way the advantage for our customers is to always have a wide choice on our site.

Why can't I buy the stock directly?

Because since it is a stock in Attempted Sale, we must verify if it is still available and confirm the shipping costs before giving you the possibility to proceed with the purchase. It will take very little time and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Call us or write us also on WhatsApp at the number +393757747043 (Antonello) indicating the reference number of the stock which is the numeric code that you see both in the title and in the details of the stock.

How does it work?

We make StockItaly24 available to give visibility to sellers, shopkeepers, wholesalers and stockists, fashion houses, producers who have stocks to sell, by publishing them on our portal.

They are stocks that we define in Attempted Sale, they are sold by third parties and we at StockItaly24 take care of checking their quality and purchasing them for our customers when there is interest from any of them.

In this case, before making one of our customers proceed with the purchase of a stock in Attempted Sale, we must check with the seller that it is still available .

The customer interested will contact us by phone or via WhatsApp and we will immediately contact the seller to confirm the availability of the lot and will provide us with the data to be able to calculate the shipping costs.

If the stock is available, our customer will be able to proceed immediately with the purchase through the private link that we will send in response . Once the customer has made the purchase, the goods will be shipped by the seller to our warehouse, where will be checked and checked by our staff in order to guarantee our customers that it complies with what is indicated in the packinglist and with photos. If the goods comply with what is indicated by the seller, the sale is confirmed and the stock is shipped immediately to the address indicated to us by the customer at the time of purchase. If the goods are not compliant, we will reluctantly inform our customer that the sale is canceled and that he will immediately receive a full refund. We will endeavor to offer you alternative and equally interesting proposals if they are available.

If you are interested in a stock of this type, call us or write us on WhatsApp at the number +393757747043 (Antonello) indicating the reference number of the stock which is the numeric code you see both in the title and in the stock details.

How can I contact you to ask if a stock is available?

Call us or write us also on WhatsApp at the number +393757747043 (Antonello) indicating the stock reference number which is the numerical code you see both in the title and in stock details.

Have you already seen the stocks that can be purchased directly online?

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